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Help busy people get more done.

Join our team and help busy people get more done so they can get home to the people that matter most.

Flexible scheduling

Great rates of pay

Work with GREAT clients

The mission... Get them home!

At VEXA Services, we know business owners are overwhelmed with tasks they don’t have the time to do nor want to do taking them away from doing the work they love to do. We provide virtual assistants to help busy people get more of the work that matters done and get home to the people that matter most.

Our clients are overwhelmed - We need to help them.

Business owners are overwhelmed with a daily list of tasks taking time from the work they love to do. They spend so many frustrating hours on tasks they don’t want to do, they lose their passion and begin to wonder why they started their business in the first place. When they get frustrated and lose their passion, they’re held hostage by their business.


Thriving on the challenge of working virtually and stay accountable to ourselves and our customers.


Our customers give us more than just tasks: they have to know they can trust us.


Understanding the hurdles ahead and removing them so our customers don’t have to.

We provide virtual executive assistants to help all small business owners get their passion back by giving them the time to do more of the work they enjoy doing. Our customers are passionate about their business again and have time to enjoy doing things they love to do with the people that matter most.

When business owners get their time back they get more done, regain their passion for what they do and get to enjoy their lives again.

Certified Professionals Only

American Society of Administrative Professionals

3 Steps to becoma a
VEXA professional


Submit your application for review

We’ll review your application form and arrange an informal chat.


Onboard you as a VEXA professional

You will get setup with everything you need to work from home.


Help our clients get more done

Join your other team members and get matched with one of our great clients.

If you’re a like-minded person who wants to embark on a mission to help
busy people get more done, please apply now.

I hadn’t considered a VA because I didn’t think it would help… I was so wrong.

Patty Leonard / 610 Merchant Services


The application process is extremely simple. Just click the “Join Our Team” button on our website and fill out the application form. After your application is reviewed a representative of VEXA Services will reach out to you.

Great question, and the most practical! Working from home can give you a lot of flexibility in balancing work/home life. It is a great responsibility to manage your time wisely and be an independent worker. Your normal workhours will be 8am-4pm. During these hours, you are expected to be available to your assigned client for work they task to you. You will not tied to your computer or your chair during this time and may complete your work as you deem appropriate. Your day will be yours to plan. You will be expected to complete your work within the parameters set by the client assigned to you.

Yes, you will be required to have specific equipment prior to being assigned to clients. Your VEXA representative will provide you a list of required equipment during the interview process and/or during your onboarding. VEXA does have an economic program for those who need assistance with getting the required equipment.

Once you are hired by VEXA Services, you will be placed in our “pool” of available virtual assistants. We then use a skills and characteristics based approach to match clients to our available virtual assistants using our VITAL web system. When we have a client that matches your skill set and personal characteristic, you will be assigned to their contract and work can begin.

The number of clients you are assigned is entirely up to you. It will be your responsibility to let us know your availability. As long as you tell us you are available for work, we will continue to match you with clients. When you have hit your limit and can no longer devote time to any more clients, you simply notify us that you are unavailable to be matched. Typically, our Virtual Assistants are assigned to 3 or 4 clients at a time depending on workload.

When you have completed a client contract you will go back into the VEXA “pool” to be paired up with the next client.

The duties will be up to the client assigned to you. Each client is different and has different needs. You can expect to be tasked to do basic administrative assistance duties. Things like scheduling, arrange travel, light bookkeeping, etc. You let us know what your skills are, and we will match you with the clients looking for those skills.

VEXA does not provide paid time off for employees and because we are in a unique virtual environment, you can exercise your best judgement in taking time off work. You may work from any location, so many employees continue to work even if they are not necessarily at their home office.

If you are sick or plan to be away from work for an extended period, you will need to work out time away directly with your client and will be responsible for ensuring all work is completed during any absence. Further guidance can be discussed with your supervisor.

You are only paid when you are actively assigned to a client. You will be paid a percentage of the income received from each of your assigned client. The more clients you are actively assigned to the more income you will receive.

VEXA pay days will be on 16th of each month. We utilize Gusto for direct deposit of your monthly pay.

No, VEXA employees are NOT 1099 recipients. You will receive a W2 at year end for tax purposes.

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