Helping you get more done

An easy, 3-step solution to getting more of what matters most done.

Hassle-free assistant matching

Easy client onboarding process

Quickly setup additional support

It’s frustrating knowing you need help but you don’t have time to find it.

Hiring someone to help is a time-consuming hassle. You have to read through dozens of resumes, interview candidates, vet them, make sure they’re qualified, and make sure they’re trustworthy. After all of that, you have to trust they do it right and hope they fit in as part of the team. You simply don’t have the time to get the help you need but you know you can’t continue like this.

An easier way to help

We do all the interviewing, vetting, and skill testing for you. We’ll even help you create the processes you need to help your new executive virtual assistant be a successful part of your team.


Virtual Executive Assistants help you avoid the hassles and expense of hiring in-house.


Use your new found time helping your customers and growing your business.


More time means you can spend it with the people that matter the most.

3 Easy Steps to Getting
More Done


Talk with us

Click on ‘Hire an Assistant’ and talk with us about your needs and your goals.


Create a plan

We’ll work with you to create a customized plan and choose an assistant.


Get more done

Meet your new team member and start getting more that matters done.

Exceptional! Covering detail level needs in planning and execution; the perfect Executive Assistant.
James Cartwright (retired, USMC)
Former Vice Chairman Joint Staff

Exceptional! Covering detail level needs in planning and execution; the perfect Executive Assistant.

VEXA Services represents the new standard in executive level virtual assistants.
Mike Hewitt
CEO - IP3 Corporation

Certified Professionals Only

American Society of Administrative Professionals

Choose your level of assistance...


A Little Help

For those that need just a little help with some time-consuming tasks.

Senior Assistant

A Little More Help

For those looking to give a bit more responsibility and get more time back.

Executive Assistant

Your Right Hand

This is your right-hand guy or gal. They do it all… plus.

At VEXA Services, we know you want to get more that matters done, but you have to do all of those menial tasks that hijack your time every day.

The problem is you can’t add minutes to the clock so you feel mentally exhausted at the end of the day and can’t be there for the people that matter most in your life, your family.

We believe everybody should get to spend time with the people that matter most. We’ve been there and understand how it feels to do battle with the clock, the frustration, and the exhaustion. Every. Day. That’s why we created VEXA Services to help busy people and business owners get their time back. Here’s how it works. The first step is to talk with us so we can understand your needs and goals. Step two, we’ll help you create a customized plan and choose the right assistant to help you get more done. And lastly, you’ll be amazed at how much more work you’ll get done every day.

Call today, so you can stop wasting your time and start spending more time with your customers, more time growing your business and more time with the people that matter most.


If COVID has taught us anything, it is that being a remote employee CAN work! Interaction is up to you, the customer.  To fully integrate your assistant into your team, you may want to create an email account using your company email address.  Your assistant will then become another member of your team and work with you and all other employees.  Conversely, you may choose to have your assistant interact with only you by assigning specific tasks. In this case, VEXA has an email address set up for your assistant.


The amount of time spent with your assistant will also be up to you.  You may be a text queen, a Zoom fanatic, or an old-school “call me” person. We flex to your requirements and we tailor our actions to your preferences.  We can also work with you to recommend a platform to use and help you set it up if you are new to the virtual employee world.  Our job is to take your wants/needs and make it a reality.

Our executive virtual assistants have extensive experience in all aspects of office management and administration.  Anything from scheduling appointments to light bookkeeping to writing emails; our assistants can do it all.  If you are still unsure of the duties you want to give to an assistant, give us a call and we will be glad to talk it through with you.

Technology can be a game changer for small business. It allows you to do more in less time and can even automate some tasks so they can be scheduled and left to run without any further interaction. Tech people love to say, “there is an app for that” and it is true!  There are hundreds of apps and programs out there designed to make your job easier.  Unfortunately, who has the time to research them all and try them out?  We do! Our assistants stay up to date on current technology and how to best apply it to meet your business needs.

No matter how well your business runs, there is always room for improvement. Our assistants can help you find the best way to squeeze as much efficiency from every task.  Once we have outlined what tasks and processes your business has, we can help find ways to improve any aspect you think needs attention.

Absolutely! You are the boss; we are here to assist.  All tasks are completed to your specifications and we work within your existing process. If a process does not work for you then we will change it.  In addition, all our assistants have an annual review and clients are a big part of this review.  You will have an opportunity to give direct feedback on their performance.

Protection of your valuable information is essential.  Not only do our assistants sign confidentiality agreements with each client, but they also have non-disclosure clauses with VEXA Services as a requirement for employment.

In addition, our assistants ensure your data is protected by using strict security controls.  We appreciate the trust you put into our assistants and discretion is of utmost importance. We adhere to strict password protection protocols and are constantly upgrading our cybersecurity footprint.

Finally, our assistants are thoroughly screened and subjected to a background check prior to employment. You can rest easy knowing we have taken all the precautions available to protect your business and its future.

Our process is easy as 1-2-3!  First, we will set up an initial interview. This will give us an opportunity to meet you and learn about your business and for you to meet us and ask any questions you have. Once we have an idea of what you are looking for, we then put together a proposal and hand-pick potential assistant(s) we believe will be a perfect fit for your organization. We will set up a meet/greet with your potential assistant.  Finally, we will get the work description into a contract (that pesky paperwork everyone is always worried about) and have your assistant jump right in.

Onboarding of a new assistant can be daunting, but we will do everything to make it a seamless addition to your team.  We recommend taking time to talk with your new assistant about your specific likes/dislikes so he/she can tailor their work to your pace and preferences.  We also recommend taking some time to introduce your assistant to your team.   All of this will take about a week to accomplish and your assistant will be up and running before you know it!

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