Executive assistants for busy people

Clear your to-do list and focus on the important things so you can get home to the people that matter most.

Double your productivity

Love what you do again

Get your life back

Hire a Virtual Assistant by Vexa Services

Working harder than ever and never having the time to enjoy life is frustrating.

Checking off daily tasks is taking away from the work that matters most. You know you could be more productive, but daily to-dos are draining the time and energy from your day and getting you nowhere. You can’t create more time on the clock, but if you don’t fix it now, you could end up losing customers, or worse, the people that care about you the most.

A better way to get more done.

Get more of what matters done by using virtual executive assistants to do the things you don’t have the time to do, nor want to do.


Virtual Executive Assistants help you avoid the hassles and expense of hiring in-house.


Use your new found time helping your customers and growing your business.


More time means you can spend it with the people that matter the most.

VEXA Services Executive Virtual Assistants

3 Easy Steps to Getting
More Done with VEXA Virtual Assistants


Talk with us

Click on ‘Hire an Assistant’ and talk with us about your needs and your goals.


Create a plan

We’ll work with you to create a customized plan and choose an assistant.


Get more done

Meet your new team member and start getting more that matters done.

Exceptional! Covering detail level needs in planning and execution; the perfect Executive Assistant.
James Cartwright (retired, USMC)
Former Vice Chairman Joint Staff

Exceptional! Covering detail level needs in planning and execution; the perfect Executive Assistant.

VEXA Services represents the new standard in executive level virtual assistants.
Mike Hewitt
CEO - IP3 Corporation

Certified Professionals Only

American Society of Administrative Professionals

Choose your level of assistance...


A Little Help

For those that need just a little help with some time-consuming tasks.

Senior Assistant

A Little More Help

For those looking to give a bit more responsibility and get more time back.

Executive Assistant

Your Right Hand

This is your right-hand guy or gal. They do it all… plus.

How busy executives get unstuck...

If you’d like to be more productive, more passionate, less stressed, and spend more time with the people that matter most in your life, learning the simple strategy of delegating and elevating may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Delegate to Elevate - VEXA Services Executive Virtual Assistants

Downlod your copy.

Bring balance back to your life with VEXA SERVICES Executive Virtual Assistants

At VEXA Services, we know how hard it is to hire someone new.

Can you trust them? Do they have the right skills? Can I give up control? The problem is you can’t continue working like this. The mental exhaustion is draining your passion, effecting the quality of your work, and frustrating the people that matter most in your life.

We believe everybody should be able to get the help they need to bring the passion and balance back to their work and personal lives. We’ve been there and understand how it feels to be so out of balance, so exhausted, and so frustrated. We created VEXA Services to help people just like you bring balance back to their life. Let’s talk about where you need the most help, create a plan to get it, then help you get the passion for what you do and your work-life balance back.

Call today, so you can stop wasting your time on the little things and more time growing your business and enjoying your life with the people that matter most.

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